Sylvester Ani jr. For congress

Health & wealth for the people

LA County (CA-38) has been my home for over 20 years. For too long, Congress has failed to center the people and provide them with the needed resources to receive health and wealth. My name is Sylvester Ani Jr., and I am running for Congress in the 38th district of California. It’s time we put power back in the hands of the community, and work together to provide solutions—for the people by the people.

our policy platform

End homelessness with housing first solution   
Build more affordable housing
Invest in mixed-used properties
Increase teacher starting salary
Support investments into real life applicable education (trade schools, financial education, and tech.)
Invest in organic healthy foods in schools 
Mental health days for students
Cancellation of all student debt
Universal Basic Income
Federal Jobs Guarantee 
Living Wages
Public Banking
Worker Cooperatives 
Close tax loopholes for big corporations.
Billionaire Tax
Green Energy Jobs
Healthcare For All Single-payer System 
Focus on resources that prevent crime 
Blue apartheid reconciliation commission
Remove slavery from the constitution
Abolish Ice
Solutions against human trafficking
End Qualified Immunity

Transform Public Safety

homes guarantee

Universal Basic Income

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sun- july 11, 2021

tues- july 13, 2021

Sun - july 25, 2021